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After coming of age he spent his time traveling and after ten years away he only recently returned to London. But they agree to marry and begin a tentative liaison.

Augusta is a very likeable, kind, honorable, self-sufficient man whose previous heartbrake make him unattainable. Both have pregnant widows forced by circumstances to marry strangers. Wedding the Widow was a quick read with just a bit too much drama for my taste but it was still enjoyable overall. She did a good job of bringing the characters to life and of telling the story in general. Wilde holds a Bachelor of Arts in English literature and classical civilization from the University of Toronto.

Continuing to Wear Your Ring There is no established etiquette for a single widow regarding whether she should keep wearing her wedding ring. Narrated by Felisha Caldeira. Our h is a widow, recently out of mourning and is seized with embarrassment and regrets, fleeing the house party both had attended.

The entire book is

One centers around Charlotte, a new widow, and her friend Sophie, a mail-order bride heading out to her new husband. Ten Tips for Encores About the Author Amy Wilde has worked as a grant developer, copy editor, writing tutor and writer.

Having Your Ring Remade When it comes time to stop wearing your ring, one option is to have it remade into a different piece of jewelry you can continue wearing, like a pendant or a pin. The H realizes he has strong feelings, and pursues marriage, she refuses him.

The entire book is moving without being soap-opera like. So when she meets Jemmy, Lord Brack, while she is attracted to him she believes that is all it is. Augustus fears rejection, and Charlotte fears the same due to her condition. The characters were likeable, the plot and setting believable and the story flowed well. When you lose your spouse, it may be difficult to part with that concrete reminder of your loved one.

So when she meets Jemmy Lord