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From the depths of my heart, I want to love church. Nazywamy sie Martin Biniasz i Edziu Dobosiewicz.

Find ways to connect with neighbors within the community. Go out of your way to thank the people who are giving so much of their life to the church. Go out of your way to make all financial records readily accessible. And the truth is, many times they are. We want painstaking transparency.

Chaotic good on the other hand, generally come across as good to everyone except the lawful people. Despite the stereotypes about us, we are listening to phrases being spoken in our general direction. Stop wasting time on the religious mambo jumbo and get back to the heart of the gospel. But I do know that the church does positive things as well.

Maybe it was just ironic cosplay. For that reason, the currency of good preaching is at its lowest value in history. We could just go off the numbers for whom we have already seen. If you want the respect of our generation, under promise and over-deliver. However, weddings are held in Temples, and are generally the ceremony is limited to close friends and family, everyone else, including other church members, wait outside.

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More than just a nostalgic trip through time, Forgotten Buffalo allows you to better understand why Buffalo is one of the most unique urban communities in the world. Create space for them to meet and brainstorm and then sit back and watch what God brings to life. It does require a bit of a balancing act though. Invite millennials to serve on leadership teams or advisory boards where they can make a difference. Turns out I identify more with Maria from the Sound of Music staring out the abbey window, longing to be free.

And I agree that in religion, as in politics, people are nice until you challenge their ideas. The neighbors, the city, and the people around our church buildings should be audibly thankful the congregation is part of their neighborhood. Funeral viewing are held in churches, so anyone could come to a Mormon viewing. Stop speaking in abstract sound bites and make a tangible plan for how to reach millennials. And it has a ring of truth to it, in my opinion.

Stop placing blame on individuals who struggle to get connected. We are the generation with the highest ever percentage of fatherless homes. An urban explorer's guide to the Buffalo-Niagara region. We need someone consistently speaking truth into every single one of those areas.

Find ways to connect with neighbors