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Trump, the Alt-Right and Public Pedagogies of Hate and for Fascism by Mike Cole download in ePub, pdf, iPad

But he is a right wing racist populist. This is a dangerous situation. The bravery of those activists who opposed the fascists and the state in Charlottesville is an inspiration to all of us.

But his record says different

He is a billionaire with ties to every level of the American establishment. Her death and the events in Charlottesville have to be a wake-up call for the whole movement. Nothing can be ignored in this book and much is at stake. Not all of those people were white supremacists, by any stretch.

If the death of Heyer made America look as if it had reached its midnight of the century, the response to events in Charlottesville has been an inspiration for socialists and anti-racists everywhere. At various times he has implied Black Lives Matter activists deserve a violent response.

And there is the White

Such reactionary ideas can only be boosted when Trump argues for an equivalence between violent fascists and the anti-fascists who came out to oppose them, even after the killing of Heyer. The richest nation on earth was built on the brutality of slavery and the slaughter of the Native American population. Calling for such mobilisations would be at the centre of any serious strategy to create a fascist movement. His latest move was to pardon Arizona Sherriff Joe Arpaio, who had been held in contempt of court in a case linked to racial profiling among a welter of of other horrendous human rights violations. Far-right rallies have been cancelled across the country.

Every step forward for ordinary people, the end of slavery, the struggle for civil rights, have all been wrested from the hands of the rich and the powerful through struggle. See if you have enough points for this item. He is not trying to create the kind of mass street movement associated with classical fascism in Italy or Germany. This resistance has changed the atmosphere dramatically and put the far-right on the defensive. The movement pushed for a more radical populist approach by the Republican Party.

The violence at Charlottesville and the whole debate about the Confederate statues goes back to the brutal heart of America. So Trump is not a fascist. Counter protesters forced the cancellation of a far-right event in San Francisco, and anti-fascist protests were also held in Chicago. Millions of Americans have seen living standards plummet, despite the hope inspired by the election of Barack Obama.

Confederate statues are a potent living symbol of slavery and oppression in America. Michael Bradley examines the tangled relationship between the far-right and President Trump, and the implications for fighting fascism. He has been open about his hard-right, anti-immigration ideas.

But his record says different. And there is the White House statement to commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day that made no mention of Jews or antisemitism and his failure to attend the White house Passover Seder. The only people giving platforms to these hate groups is the media itself and the fake news.