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Transnational Migration, Social Inclusion, and Adult Education by Shibao Guo download in ePub, pdf, iPad

These global demographic

Attracting highly educated professionals has become a key immigration pol- icy in many Western nations based on the assumption that professionals will be able to practice their profession. She challenges adult educators to examine any deicit perspectives they may carry and to be- come cultural brokers. Nevertheless, the dynamics tend toward deskilling, where lack of credential recognition creates a downward mobility of well-educated migrants.

For involuntary mi- grants, conlict, persecution, or environmental disaster compels them to seek refuge in another country. Remit- tances also low from migrants back to source regions and countries, bringing economic and educational advantages globally.

This New Directions volume

This New Directions volume seeks to inform the growing interest among adult educators. These global demographic, social, and cultural changes create new opportunities and challenges for practices of social inclusion, particularly in adult education. Gendered practices, such as preventing the immigration of Asian women, the sexual ex- ploitation of women of color, and the feminization of immigration, are also discussed.

Many migrants also return home as conditions change, importing new ideas and practices into their countries of origin. When migrants arrive in a new society, they bring their values, language, culture, and ways of knowing, contributing sig- niicantly to the diversity of host countries. Too often, adult education is implicated in deskilling and exploita- tion through unnecessary retraining and volunteer programs in professionally unrelated ields. Yet, too often, fear and suspi- cion underlies responses to immigrant populations.