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Town and Infrastructure Planning for Safety and Urban Quality by Michèle Pezzagno download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Developed a form-based code to help guide the city in its decisions about development in the Downtown Waterfront District. Tested the Smart Growth Self-Assessment for Rural Communities tool that can help communities evaluate their policies, programs, and codes.

An example of a rational and participated transportation planning process A. Carpentieri Integrated tools for town and transport planning On building a common awareness of territory by a transport-system-integrated assessment V. Tondelli Sustainable mobility in the functional mix of the urban project M. Zazzi Toward a sustainable mobility through.

Balasha An identification of infrastructure measures to improve elderly pedestrian safety in towns in Israel V. Assessed how land use policies could be changed to create incentives for infill development and sustainable growth. Public space and streetscape improvements have helped revitalize Hyannis, a village within the town of Barnstable. The case of Strasbourg, France E.

Bicycle and public

The need for realistic goals R. Gandin Investigating the transit-orientation of existing urban environments along four railway corridors in Italy R. Guidebook for creative problem-solving, building stronger state and local partnerships, and understanding the opportunities that transportation and economic development projects bring. Saint-Gerand Boosting and planning soft mobility Innovations in cycling mobility for sustainable cities E. The town revitalized its existing buildings, and its new neighborhoods incorporated a variety of lot sizes and housing types and neighborhood parks within a five-minute walk.

Pesahov Using multiple correspondence analysis to improve safety in interaction between road transit and public spaces N. Vizzardi The queensway of New York city. The need of new concepts to promote walking and cycling M. Examined smart growth approaches to improve a rural highway corridor. Fraticelli Re-shaping a post-seismic re-construction district through cycling infrastructures.

The study of the historic center of Brescia F. Includes case studies of small towns and cities that emphasized their existing assets and distinctive resources to build their economies. Towards a walking world C.

Public transport stops as urban places E. Examining the role of early stage of planning V. Slow mobility and public transport to change user behavior for safety purposes A. Calabrese Relationship between mobility and urban form in contemporary new town planning.

Ferrara Strategies and

Ferrara Strategies and measures for sustainable mobility in Italian metropolitan cities R. Bicycle and public transit routes are reconnected to main streets and residential neighborhoods while new residential developments are linked to natural areas and wetlands. The case of Monterusciello R.