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Now topstitch the ruffle into place. Originally I planned on actually cutting several triangles and sewing them together but then I was concerned about how the square bottom would be with the ruffles. One King Sized sheet or two twin sheets sewn together. If you prefer you can stop at the top, cut the binding, sew a second piece down the other side then finish it off with a third piece around the semi-circle top.

Several twin flat sheets

Several twin flat sheets the number depends on how fluffy you want your ruffles and how many layers you think looks good. It can be tricky managing so much material in a small space. Once cut I laid made a long chain by sewing them all together. You should have a very heavy, somewhat awkward teepee cover. Continue this process until you are right up next to your semi-circle at the top.

It can be tricky managing

This used the least fabric and was super quick and easy. After this process I did a gathering stitch all along the very long top. Once you are done head back to your floor and spread it out. Thin rope or several strong rubber bands which they do not carry at Joannes by the way, I found that odd Ribbon for ties and decor One Package of the widest quilt binding available. The secret to keeping this affordable is sheets.

This gives it a nice clean edge and a great place to sew the ties for keep it together. The only reason she finally wore them is she realized the ground was covered in sharp burs and she had no other option. Letting the bottom of the ruffle overhang the bottom of your teepee slightly pin your gathered edge to your half circle alllllll the way around, following the curve. As I mentioned before this is not technically advanced sewing but it does take a good chunk of time to do. All of the ruffles you see before you were once a flat bed sheet from Pottery Barn.