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Our judgments tend to be distorted by self-interest or by the pleasures and pains of the moment. He insists that terms be clearly defined and relate to actual concrete experiences - part of his empiricism. Those intellectual abilities, and his uncle's support, brought him to university at Oxford. Life Under the Sovereign Hobbes has definite ideas about the proper nature, scope and exercise of sovereignty.

Science provides him with a distinctive method and some memorable metaphors and similes. Intensely disputatious, Hobbes repeatedly embroiled himself in prolonged arguments with clerics, mathematicians, scientists and philosophers - sometimes to the cost of his intellectual reputation. But the problem is obvious. So it would be uncharitable to interpret Hobbes this way, if we can find a more plausible account in his work. Hobbes concedes that there are moral limits on what sovereigns should do God might call a sovereign to account.

In this Hobbes is surely correct. Explore the Classics Resources for Faculty We understand the unique challenges you encounter as an academic. We will have no doubt that peaceful coexistence is one of the greatest goods of human life, something worth many inconveniences, sacrifices and compromises. People do all sorts of altruistic things that go against their interests.

Civil war meant that the country became militarily divided. Platform offers a streamlined experience, a single point of discovery, and improved search capabilities at the book and chapter level. Underlying this most basic argument is an important consideration about insecurity. It certainly permits us to fight back if the sovereign tries to kill us. This line of thought fits well with an egoistic reading of Hobbes, but we'll see that it faces serious problems.

Civil war meant that the country

Discover Routledge Focus today. Two Intellectual Influences As well as the political background just stressed, two influences are extremely marked in Hobbes's work. And he frequently emphasizes that we find it difficult to judge or appreciate just what our interests are anyhow.

Thus Hobbes lived in a time of upheaval, sharper than any England has since known. Second, this reaction against scholasticism shapes the presentation of Hobbes's own ideas. But Hobbes's main interest lies in the educative power of religion, and indeed of political authority. For him ethics is concerned with human nature, while political philosophy deals with what happens when human beings interact. England stood divided against itself in several ways.