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Mills explains that she had previously

Grace questions whether they are now alive and Mills says that Lydia also wondered this before becoming mute. Charles says he must leave for the front even though Grace claims that the war is over. Grace soon learns that she has actually attacked Anne, who retreats to her father. Nicholas denies recollection of that day.

Convinced that something unholy is in the house, Grace runs outside in search of the local priest to bless the house. Mills says that many were evacuated due to an outbreak of tuberculosis. Realizing what she had done, she then shot herself.

Outside Grace discovers her husband Charles

Outside, Grace discovers her husband Charles, who she thought had been killed in the war. Mills explains that she had previously worked in the house many years ago. When odd events occur at the house, Grace begins to fear there are unknown others present. Simultaneously, Grace finds a torn out photograph from the photo album of portraits of the dead, and is horrified to see it is of her three servants. Later, Grace has a vision of an elderly woman and attacks her.

Bertha Mills, elderly gardener Edmund Tuttle, and a mute girl named Lydia. The next morning he is gone again.

After leaving, an annoyed Mills asks Tuttle to uncover the gravestones. The medium asks what happened to Anne and Nicholas.

After Grace hears footsteps and unknown voices, she orders the house to be searched. Grace accuses the servants of removing the curtains and banishes them. Charles weeps when Grace thinks that he wanted to leave her, and the two embrace then lie motionless together in bed.