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The Not-So-Boring Letters of Private Nobody by Matthew Landis download in ePub, pdf, iPad

And the longer they

But even as Oliver begins to hope that Raymond has some interesting local ties, Ella starts insisting that they not follow the historical trail. It was painfully awkward but realistically portrayed.

Eventually Oliver comes to realize that even ordinary people are important to somebody. And, the longer they work together, the more Oliver finds to like about Ella.

Since the story is told from Oliver's point of view, the romance is told from a male perspective refreshing and rare. No wonder it felt so real. Friends don't just sit there while their friends maybe impale themselves.

Eventually Oliver comes to realize

But, the best thing about the book was that besides being a tremendously entertaining book, there's a realistic aspect to it. There's a mystery buried in his past, and Oliver knows he can figure it out.

Carrow tells him that he will be working with Ella, and that their topic is a local man, Private Raymond Stone, who died of dysentery without even fighting. Ella is smart and fun to work with.