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Where the role of an assistant bishop is a legal part of the structure of the diocese, he or she is known as a suffragan bishop. Entrants must also be British nationals. They also receive level three public order training.

Metropolitans are usually given the title of archbishop and styled Most Reverend. For example, the Bishop of Jarrow is a suffragan to the Bishop of Durham. They are either named after the most important episcopal see in the church like the Archbishop of Cape Town or named after the province they lead like the Archbishop of Nigeria. December New entrants perform a two-year probationary period.

In this way, the Archbishop of Canterbury can be seen as being at the centre of the network of Anglican ministry. As well as being primus inter pares, the Archbishop of Canterbury is Primate of All England, the senior bishop in the Church of England. The Protocols make provision for consultation and co-operation between the forces, with the aim of delivering the best policing on the ground.

Although some member churches of the Anglican Communion title their primates as Primate or Primate Bishop, most churches use other titles for their primates. Each station is commanded by a Senior Police Officer who will vary in rank from Sergeant to Superintendent depending on the station's size, role and staffing.

In these churches, the Presiding Bishop or Primus respectively is a primate without metropolitical authority over the dioceses of the church. Bishops also usually wear a pectoral cross and episcopal ring. These latter titles emphasize the collegiate nature of episcopate rather than the personal authority of the primate. The program follows the College of Policing initial learning and development syllabus. In some provinces, one of the diocesan bishops has oversight of all of the other bishops of the province, and is known as a metropolitan bishop, or simply a metropolitan.

Each station isAlthough some member churches of the

This is the case in all nine of the provinces of the Episcopal Church in the United States, which has no metropolitans, and the single province of the Scottish Episcopal Church. Ballistic body armour is issued to all officers, and a black Kevlar helmet can also be worn by officers engaged on firearms duties, when required. For many, being an Anglican means being in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury. Anglican bishops are often identified by the purple clergy shirt and cassock they are entitled to wear.

The Scottish Episcopal Church uniquely calls its primate Primus. Primate bishop Each member church of the Anglican Communion is an independent body headed by a primate.