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Hood is on the board and its first principal his wife was a teacher. Second, Elisha, and his brother James, knew the shoe business, and likely had a good idea how revolutionary their product would be.

His occupation was a malster, the person who produces malt from barley which is used in the. The two couples, and Timothy Vinton, would live side-by-side at base of was then called Vinton Hill.

No reason is given for the failure. Converse had the title president of the Boston Rubber Shoe Company, it appears that he was more active in other endeavors.

Converse and his Boston Rubber Shoe Company, on track to become the worlds largest manufacturer of rubber boots and shoes, was looking for a second location for a factory near there Malden facility. Slayton built a road to the summit of the hill and an observation tower on top. Along with the land along the Malden river, the brothers also bought the water rights giving them ownership of Spot Pond.

Earlier he had been elected

It was destroyed by fire and rebuilt in as the Slayton Memorial Tower. Earlier, he had been elected to the Massachusetts house of representatives, and then state senate. He caught malaria and was discharged. They had purchased the rights to the patent, and it proved very successful making the brothers very wealthy.

It was in locations around Boston that Charles Goodyear developed his vulcanization process that revolutionized the industry. After Hood died in the farm into neglect and was purchased in by John C. Banks in the unsuccessful Red River Campaign in Louisiana. For the citizens of Malden, Elisha Converse was a respected citizen and a notable philanthropist.

High Rock, located in the north west corner of Melrose near the Stoneham and Wakefield borders, was in the past called Vintons Hill. Back in Boston, he and his son were trustees in the Boston Land Company and its efforts to develop the recently filled marshes in east Boston and Orient Heights. An earlier settler in what was then Charlestown, Coytmore unfortunately died in shipwreck off the coast of Spain. Ebenezer would die in an accident at the mill.

It was destroyed