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You could tell ifThe word falls easily

You could tell if a person had leprosy because their body would be covered with sores. The word falls easily from their lips, they are used to voicing it. As he was going into a village, ten men met him.

People with these sores are commonly referred to as lepers. We should find the time to publicly thank Him for that amazing gift. We can turn a corner to a new way of seeing what God is doing and will do.

Put thankfulness into my heart and soul. Before the things we have to do. Therefore, they must go to receive a clean bill of health from the official who can grant it. Rather we can turn from a fear-filled faith to an expectant faith. Leprosy is very contagious.

He told everyone he came across that he had met the Lord Jesus Christ, the greatest of prophets and He had healed his leprosy. And while all ten of them may have been happy that they received a gift, only one of them chose to show their thankfulness to Jesus.

They were standing close by. His faithful love continues forever. Most of his ministry was in mass meetings in third world countries. Though it is no doubt based on an actual event, it is also a kind of enacted parable. How sad for those with leprosy.