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Altman department store chain. When asked, Prinz says his hair is for fun. His Twitter handle is WhaleLines.

Perception is an imposition. Culture, history, and experience form the environment that, for Prinz, shapes what we become. The stately building, a kind of neo-Italian Renaissance structure, looks over tourists as they make their way to the Empire State Building.

But, Prinz points out, the cultural context influences how humans express it. His recent attention to wonder, and the link it provides between emotion and aesthetic appreciation, is changing that. For a Roman citizen the idea that you would flee or freeze, he says, is ludicrous. Coming from the British empiricist tradition, one of his default presumptions was that there is an objective world that imposes itself on the human senses. The company mass-produced large versions of everyday items and sold them as sculpture, including the massive pen and pencil in his office.

Lately art has come to the

Behind his chair a four-foot-tall pencil and pen rest against the wall. Lately art has come to the fore again for Prinz.

And then with that realization, I came to feel that I should, and maybe other philosophers should, spend a lot more time trying to share philosophy with the world. In ancient Rome, where one of the cardinal virtues was heroism in the face of mortal danger, the embodiment of fear was quite different. Emotions, for instance, are commonly considered innate, hard-wired components of our evolution. Genetic explanations are applied to more and newer aspects of human behavior. His primary intellectual antecedent and inspiration is David Hume, a towering figure of the Scottish Enlightenment.

Not a real brain, but an anatomically correct plastic rendering.

Behind his chair a

Scientific categories and taxonomies may be descriptive of a hard and fast reality, but they are at root human-constructed metaphors that help us comprehend the material world. In the realm of art, wonder is the emotion Prinz finds pivotal.