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Yes, I'm increasing my business. But the village of Njogu-ini got a new pump for its well.

The most effective barrier for the success of mobile money around the world is the banking lobby. Uber came along and completely disrupted a number of things. Surprisingly, it is in fact not the first time that such solutions have been successfully implemented in the Modern world.

And so we need to be operating at that level. Yeah the panel is up there.

If you go into the slums, you will see people buy a squeeze of toothpaste. And banks have looked at what's happened in Kenya and have decided that they don't want to see that happening in their own countries. And here it's the Silicon Savannah. And so the banking industry isn't crazy.

And banks have looked atIf you go into

So it sounds like you're rapidly increasing your business. But Stephen recently upgraded. But the head of Safaricom thinks it's just a matter of time.

Because mobile phones are becoming so much more ubiquitous. People don't buy a packet of cigarettes. And that mobile money system now acts as a terrific platform which a lot of other innovations has used as a springboard.