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The Door in the Forest by Roderick Townley download in ePub, pdf, iPad

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This means there is a climbable wall behind the door. The devs may not be finished the cave yet, or they mught just not have the monster with the capabilities in regards to defending the delicious loot.

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After you beat the first Hydra there is a ladder you can climb to a semi-hidden path next to the waterfall. This is a sobering fantasy novel, with old-fashioned charm and old-world menace. If the battle between good and evil is only as worthwhile as its villain, Captain Sloper is one of the best additions to the roster.

Therefor the loot that could possibly be behind the door should be worthwhile, although as in any game you do not obtain loot without a fight. More Questions from This Game Question.

With caves comes loot, and this was pretty damn far down and was not easy to get to. Townley deftly weaves the awesome nature of this impossible island with the grim realities of an invading platoon led by a homicidal maniac. Perhaps an enemy which is not yet in the game. Seeing as how loot does not come easily there would have to be a fitting enemy gaurding it. The townfolk are furious at the presence of Captain Sloper.