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The Dark Side of Social Media by Angeline Close Scheinbaum download in ePub, pdf, iPad

By taking steps early you can

And so the change must begin with us. But something not so celebratory occurred. Just as we have seen it used as a formidable tool to topple the powerful, the use of social media can ignite a fire that quickly burns out of control. The lack of control embedded in the use of social media means it can be weaponized against innocent people.

All people who

No legislation or Twitter policies or policing will change this. Things can be tough on the mean streets of the Internet. You really need to start the process well before you have a problem. This gives them the opportunity to contact the disgruntled person to resolve the problem. It is safe to say that without Twitter, there would still be a cone of silence around issues like sexual harassment and assault.

All people who are looking to dramatically boost their business should read this rezone. By taking steps early, you can protect your reputation if and when it comes under attack. In fact, in an era when the president of the United States plays havoc with the facts, it is more challenging than ever. And yet, there is a dark side of the moon. The social media outcry was swift and harsh.

We must learn to reread and rethink before we retweet. The credibility of the social media user is on the line, but, more importantly, so is the reputation of an innocent person who may suffer irreparable harm.