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Synthesis and Applications of Optically Active Nanomaterials by Feng Bai download in ePub, pdf, iPad

It will be also a great reference for college students to master overall knowledge in the field. Add to basket Add to wishlist Description In this book, the synthesis and applications of recent nanomaterials are discussed and reviewed in detail.

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This book is an important tool for researchers in the nanomaterial field. The scope of the book covers from nanocrystals and their self-assembly, synthesis and applications of optically active porphyrin particles, and synthesis and applications of carbon nanodots. This book provides readers with detailed description and discussions on synthesis and functionalization of recent optically active nanomaterials. Methods to synthesize and functionalize them are crucial to enable their applications in these areas.

Finally, major applications of each category nanomaterial are discussed. Nanomaterials discussed in this book are important building blocks for nanoelectronic and nanophotonic device fabrications. Depending on the categories of the materials, detailed driving forces to self-assembly of the cluster or arrays are discussed.

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