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Charles beat eight other cities in a competition to house the temporary capital, offering free meeting space for the legislature in rooms located above a hardware store. Charles Borromeo Church now stands on Fifth Street.

Since this land was undeveloped at the time, a temporary capital was needed. Westward progress continued on the Santa Fe Trail.

Although the settlement was under Spanish jurisdiction, the settlers were primarily Native American and French Canadians who had migrated from northern territories. The name of the town, San Carlos, was anglicized to St.

The first permanent German settler in the region was probably Louis Eversman, who arrived with Duden but decided to stay. Kansas and Pennsylvania also lay claim to the first interstate project.

Since this land was undeveloped

Considered to begin in St. Charles County during his year there. William Clark arrived in St. When European emigres arrived, the area was inhabited by the Ilini, Osage and Missouri tribes.

Westward progress continued on

Charles, the Boone's Lick Road along the Missouri River was the major overland route for settlement of central and western Missouri. The original location of the church is not known but a replica has been built just off Main Street. Blanchette, determined to settle there, asked if Guillet, who had become a chief of a Dakota tribe, had chosen a name for it.