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Three areas of social influence are conformity, compliance and obedience. Once they commit to an idea or behavior, they are averse to changing their minds without good reason. Also notice how others are deliberately or unconsciously influencing you.

This provides a powerful basis through which to persuade others. According to Kelman, the desired relationship that the identifier relates to the behavior or attitude change. Social influence in which individuals change their attitudes or behaviour in order to adhere to existing social norms. Minority influence Minority influence takes place when a majority is influenced to accept the beliefs or behaviors of a minority.

Research Solomon Asch showed how a person could be influenced by others in a group to claim that a clearly shorter line in a group of lines was, in fact, the longest. Example You ask me to pass the salt. It's Friday night, party night, your friends get in the car with a senior whose been drinking.

Self-fulfilling prophecy A self-fulfilling prophecy is a prediction that directly or indirectly causes itself to become true due to positive feedback between belief and behavior. People will be more open to things that they see others doing.

Research Solomon Asch showed how aExample You ask