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Beatrix Potter also lived here. Located in the heart of the Derbyshire Dales, the surrounding area is filled with well-trod hiking trails. This small town is warm and enchanting, with vivid colors and a magical feel.

And George Orwell lived here during his thirties, when he wrote Burmese Days. In the garden you can enjoy rococo buildings, magical walks and a tantalizing maze. Starting at a great height, the village cascades down to the harborfront along narrow, cobblestone High Street. Deep in the heart of the national park of Snowdonia, this oddly named village lies in a tree-lined valley of the River Conwy.

Beatrix Potter also lived here

Steeped in tales of smuggling, the meandering hike down Hooken Cliffs to the west of town is great for imagining yourself as a smuggler of old. Bibury Quintessential English towns means bucolic scenes of tiny cottages in rolling green hills. These tiny twin towns are the epitome of pastoral, chocolate-box Cotswolds beauty. You park your car at the top and make the trip on foot.

Originally part of the Cinque Ports Confederation, five strategic towns important for trade and military purposes in medieval times, today Rye is practically a living museum. For sheer charm and quaintness, the old Cotswold town Painswick is a rival of Bibury for the title of most picturesque village in England. It is a dream of long ago, when wealthy wool merchants built honey-stoned cottages in prosperous towns.

Bakewell pudding, a pastry casing with a bottom layer of jam and a frangipane filling. When you reach the harbor you can dine on some fresh and locally caught lobster or grab a drink at one of the inns. The town, which is also known for its eight bridges, makes an ideal center for exploring the attractions of North Wales. This small town looks like it was perfectly frozen in time.

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