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Small talk can be used to mitigate that rejection, affirm the relationship between the two people, and soften the parting. The entire short conversation is a space-filler. The first move is usually phrased so that it is easy for the other person to agree. In a business meeting, it enables people to establish each other's reputation and level of expertise.

The entire short conversation is a

They can comfortably accept silence in circumstances that would be uncomfortable for two people who were only casual friends. Other objects can query or change that state only by sending requests messages to the object to do so.

Indirect topics refer to a situational context such as the latest news, or the conditions of the communicative situation. An object is always an instance of a class. Getting to Know You Most conversations begin with introductions. He suggests that politeness in small talk is maximised by responding with a more substantial answer.

Small talk can be used

Generally, humans find prolonged silence uncomfortable, and sometimes unbearable. As an interesting link between generations, in Vassili Bykov implemented Hobbes, a virtual machine running Smalltalk inside VisualWorks. The need to use small talk depends upon the nature of the relationship between the people having the conversation. Statements being interpreted means that the programs have access to information created as they were parsed and can often even modify their own structure.