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Peace Meals by Anna Badkhen download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Clients have opportunity to share a meal with other members of their community. Participants are encouraged to contribute as they are able but no one will be turned away based on an inability to donate.

Participants are encouraged to contribute as

Peacemeal is about turning the tables on injustice, greed, violence, selfishness and hate. Not only will clients receive a meal, but they will also have daily contact with a driver. Peacemeal is about setting the table for community, inclusion, forgiveness, acceptance, love, justice and joy.

Clients have opportunity to share

Peace Meals offers a path forward to build community and understanding across lines of religious and cultural division by gathering at the common table for food, friendship, and hospitality. He has organized and trained faith leaders from various communities to provide support and care for people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, regardless of their religious identity. As a result, individuals and communities can become disconnected and remain suspicious of one another. An assessment is made by a qualified staff person.

This is the peace the Peacemeal seeks to nurture and share. Noon meals are served at a variety of community locations throughout the fourteen county region.