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It took him less than a minute to punch the steering lock and start the van. Somebody looked under the hood, fiddled with a couple of things, then closed it. He slipped into his suit jacket, adjusted his tie, came to the bed and bent over her. Back to the locker to find six yellow construction hard hats, six dust masks and six pairs of tinted safety goggles, which he laid neatly on top of the jumpsuits. She pulled down the sheet again, and he was standing in the bedroom doorway, looking splendid in his new suit.

The boy drove slowly around the

There was a phone number, too. He then laid a shotgun on each seat, and placed a box of double-aught shells and a pair of latex surgical gloves beside each shotgun. When I needed to read a book with a character named Holly, I chose this one. Half a dozen men, who had been sitting around a poker table, stood up and walked over.

Woods like his characters has an

There are two suspects, both recent hires at the bank. Holly felt that she could do anything, too. This is a typical Stuart Woods novel. The weapons had been bought, one at a time, at gun shows or from unlicensed dealers, then stripped, inspected and, if necessary, repaired.

He backed out of the parking space and drove out of the lot, onto the highway. It was an older Ford commercial van, well cared for and clean. The man looked at the parked vehicle. His side of the bed was empty, and she could hear the shower running. Before reassembly, each part of each weapon had been washed clean with denatured alcohol and oiled.

Daisy lay on the bathroom mat, watching her through the clear glass shower door, waiting patiently for her breakfast and to be let out. He got out of the car and grabbed his tool bag.

He looked at the newspaper clipping again. That was how he referred to the white linen suit he had had made for the occasion. Holly got out of bed, brushed her teeth and got into the shower, reaching for the shampoo.

The boy drove slowly around the parking lot. Woods, like his characters, has an appealing way of making things nice and clear. Two men unrolled a large decal and affixed it to the side of the van. In the rearview mirror he watched the boy fall in behind him, well back.