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No Nudity, Weapons or Naked Flames by Hilary Bell download in ePub, pdf, iPad

And the call was answered.

The Sydney Morning Herald ran a piece about the current popularity of Russian plays and adaptations. So often we are swamped in a cycle of development. What if all writers were given the guarantee of a production within a month to write on whatever they choose in a non competitive way. This subtle, delightful, welcome invasion is intimacy in its purest form. The journalist discussed this trend with a number of directors, all male, and although the production Ladybird was referred to, its female director Lee Lewis was not named.

It was a beautiful

For me, the focus is on the story and the storyteller. It was a beautiful experience pulling together writers and actors from across my career and working with them. Pairing up actors, directors, writers. Arranging rehearsal space and schedules. Look, this is a vexed issue.

For me the focus is