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No Child of Mine by Susan Lewis download in ePub, pdf, iPad

She has to contend with situations where sometimes her life is at risk. Traumatized, Kerry does not speak for her first few days there. She soon is keeping a close eye on Ottilie, but things move slowly and social workers have to play by the book. Susan writes each subject very well.

It's a long book

The narration was excellent and held my attention all the way through. It is set in a small town in England.

When one terrible night things go pear-shaped in a big way, the press go after Alex in a big way, blaming her for what has happened. It's a long book, so it took me a few weeks to listen to it. Alex is a social worker, and a very good one. The ending of the story was unrealistic for me and there was some grammar mistakes which was a bit off putting which is why it was a four star rating instead of a five.

When one terrible night

Feeling helpless, Kerry frequently visits her class teacher and tries to move in with him, but he is unable to care for her. Shortly after, her mother's new boyfriend moves in with them and begins physically and sexually abusing her. Well it engaged me all the way through. She puts in long hours and it is often heart breaking and difficult.