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Our greentail Shrimp and oysters come

Down through the generations the Mulligans crowd has ebbed and flowed and swelled to the rhythm of the city and the nation itself. Additionally, we take environmental concerns seriously and are committed to doing our part to help.

We also use recycled paper products for our carry-out containers and napkins and use bio-degradable carry-out bags. Anyone who has ever gone out drinking in Dublin will have at some time passed through our doors.

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It is as essential to Dublin as the Eiffel Tower is to Paris, yet more venerable still. Dublin City Guide A comprehensive guide to some of the most famous landmarks in Dublin and the stories associated with them. If you prefer to be seated indoors, Mulligans Bar offers an upstairs dining area for large parties with its own bar along with comfortable and family-friendly seating areas downstairs. Visitors can see the famous Book of Kells here and tour the magnificent Old Library or can simply enjoy the ambience of its impressive architecture and cobbled courtyards. Our experience and location create the perfect setting for authentic coastal dining.

We recycle our vegetable frying oil, our cardboard delivery boxes, our oyster shells, and our glass bottles. Theatre in Dublin is very vibrant and very diverse. It has a unique and colourful history, spanning over two hundred years.

It is from this tradition that the Abbey Theatre descends and for which it has earned a global reputation. It is not surprising to find such a fine facility in the capital of a nation that has put its stamp so firmly on the Sport of Kings on a global scale.

It is a fantastic place to spend some time people watching and getting a sense of the energy which makes this city special. The Green line runs from St.

It continued through years and several generations of the Guinness family to today where it is the best known beer in the world. The Celtic Dawn had as its explicit aim the reawakening of the cultural and nationalistic spirit of Ireland and its people.

Our green-tail Shrimp and oysters come directly from the Pamlico Sound, and our produce is grown on nearby Currituck County farms. In however this mode of transport made a comeback in Dublin, updated in style and comfort to reflect the modern times. Thousands have come since and are still coming to pay homage at the literary shrine. Quirkiness pervades its atmosphere.