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Mucus Hypersecretion in Respiratory Disease by Derek J. Chadwick download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Because mucus hypersecretion is such a complex event, there are innumerable genes involved in the process, which are beyond the scope of a single review. The recent availability of genomic sequence information and specific antibodies has led to an explosion of interest in this area making this publication particularly timely.

In addition, the mechanism of action of most of these drugs is unknown. Although management of these diseases is vastly studied, researchers have only begun to scratch the surface of the mechanisms contributing to mucus hypersecretion. Asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and cystic fibrosis are three chronic pulmonary diseases that affect an estimated million individuals across the globe. Only in the last few years have some of the genes involved in mucus secretion been characterized. An understanding of the mechanisms that underlie and maintain this hypersecretory phenotype is therefore crucial for the development of rational approaches to therapy.

Elucidating the role of epigenetics in these respiratory diseases may provide a breath of fresh air to millions of affected individuals around the world. However, each disease has a different airway inflammatory response, with consequent, and presumably linked, mucus hypersecretory phenotype. This book draws together contributions from an international and interdisciplinary group of experts, whose work is focused on both basic and clinical aspects of the problem.

In addition the mechanism of actionAlthough management of these diseases is