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He has started writing his emails during the meetings to minimise wasted time. You almost certainly need to use all four quadrants. In fact, many senior teams have stopped holding team work sessions altogether because they could not make them effective.

Their business has doubled its revenues this year. The great thing about Tim is that when he is frustrated everyone knows about it. Their process intentionally goes through all four quadrants in a planned and cohesive way.

By contrast, I am working with a great business in Bergen, Norway. Try this thought experiment. Teams that fuel the difference engine go faster and further.

Especially if, like most businesses, you do not send an agenda out before the meeting. Take the same amount of energy and focus it in a straight line and you end up with a powerful laser that can punch a hole through the wall. Their vision is broken down into key strategic drivers and balanced score cards linear and is refined through a regular rhythm of strategic process meetings iterative. What works for you in your business may, of course, be different.

Team work is a difference engine and divergence is the fuel. Decision making, for example, needs to focus down to reach a conclusion. It is also their job to ensure that only the people who need to be there to make progress attend. It saves a lot of time later to take an extra two minutes to check for real understanding. If you do not vary your team work processes to match the needs of each agenda item you are not being effective.

Meetings are the butt

Knowing who it is, especially when the baton passes between people on different items, helps to maintain progress. Meetings are the butt of many a joke and often fall into disrepair or neglect. Simply using exception reporting can reduce the time taken drastically, leaving space for other important team work tasks.

Knowing who it

You can be strategic or operational and you can be linear or iterative. Chances are they are in a different section, and this is likely to be a key component of the tension between you. Tedious, Time consuming, Tense and Territorial. Decisions The second thing I look for in our management due diligence work is the decision making capability of the senior team. The first task for a team leader is to match the decision making process to the needs of the current business issue.

Each of these have their own process. You have not agreed until you know that you all mean the same thing by the same words.