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This mix also needs companionship andThey do have bushy tails

Try to use a few different puzzles when training and playing. Golden Retrievers are known for their hair getting matted together.

This is an issue that can be handled with proper training.

While at home, use a brush that can reach the bottom layers of hair to keep the coat shiny, healthy and free of tangles. The Golden Retriever also has a thick coat of hair. The Golden Retriever has longer hair and is strictly golden in color with various shades of gold depending on the exact trait passed down from its parents. Both breeds enjoy mental stimulation. They enjoy being active, which can have an impact on the bones and joints of the hips and the legs.

This mix also needs companionship and has a strong desire to love others. They do have bushy tails, however. However, there are other colors that can be intertwined as well including silver and white. Allergies also seem to be a problem for both breeds.