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Lorentz was appointed chair of the committee. This is, however, not the case. However, in general relativity gravitational field itself, not necessarily directly affects other fields, such as electromagnetic field. This is also true for the third class, which is furthermore protected from radiative corrections as one still has an exact quantum symmetry.

There is a contrast for the movement of two test particles in gravitational field, if one of them has not its own rotation, and the other has a spin. More precisely, it is a semidirect product of the translations and the Lorentz group, R.

It was attended by many colleagues and distinguished physicists from foreign countries. In the Lorentz transformation the speed of light is presented as a result of the procedure of space-time measurements using electromagnetic waves. Carstoiu introduced gravitational equations as Maxwell-like equations. This too can be considered a gauge transformation.

Deformed special relativity is an example of this class of models. The fact is that when particles move near massive bodies the particles have real dynamic gravitational perturbations, which depend on mass of test particles and material properties of massive bodies. However, if the test bodies are massive enough, they change the metric of spacetime around itself, so that the geodesic lines of different bodies are no longer the same. It follows from the possibility of writing the equations of these theories in the vector and tensor form. The phonons travel at less than the speed of light.

Then Poincare considers parallel motion of

The importance of Poincare's contribution to the theory of gravitation is underlined in the article. Even if we ignore the intrinsic properties of test particles and consider them as ideal, the principle of equivalence is not already running. Originally Lorentz was only supposed to have a coordinating role in the committee, but it quickly became apparent that Lorentz was the only physicist to have any fundamental traction on the problem. This approach corresponds to the essence of relativity principle of special relativity. The singular clearness of his writings provides a striking reflection of his wonderful powers in this respect.

In addition, the metric is invariant under a local Lorentz transformation. Provided that there is an aether, then under all systems x, y, z, t, one is preferred by the fact, that the coordinate axes as well as the clocks are resting in the aether.

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However, if the relativity principle had general validity in nature, one wouldn't be in the position to determine, whether the reference system just used is the preferred one. To determine the nature of gravitation on the microlevel is developed quantum gravity. It turns out that the proper length of an object is also unaffected by such a shift. This group differs fundamentally from the above group as regards transformations of space and time. It is a ten-dimensional noncompact Lie group.

Then Poincare considers parallel motion of two bodies, fixed relative to each other in a frame of reference. Perhaps this would not have happened if Poincare had considered that the theory of relativity is not based on electromagnetic waves but gravitational waves with their corresponding speed. This shows that gravitational field is determined by operational, conventional manner, appearing as a result of a geometric object.