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Brace Bell Beemer was born in Mt. Though there were many collaborators, and eventually, Fran Striker became the regular writer of the series, my father continued to direct the show for many years. Hoping to turn a respectable profit, Trendle thought about developing a radio show using a hero based on a combination of Zorro and Robin Hood.

This time, Trendle did not give approval for a feature version. My guess is that they were turned over to Trendle sometime in the late s or early s. However, Republic still had authority over the script and screen characterizations and star Bob Livingston would frequently mask and unmask.

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My friend that applied for fall said that she didn't get that identogo email until a week after they sent out letters, so that made me think we should probably hear something today. Thus, you and I should feel comfortable with that information. Those are the sources for videos of these serials. Later, Trendle hired a talented radio writer named Fran Striker who further developed the characterization and scripts which left Jewell to concentrate on directing. Tonto was played by an English Shakespearean actor named John Todd and the very first person to play the Lone Ranger was George Seaton, later a noted Hollywood producer.

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Part of Eric's restoration efforts included the removal of the Spanish sub-titles. Grood spent about hours working on the restoration. Many decades ago, I began checking on these two serials and solid information was difficult to find, especially since Republic had disappeared. Supposedly, Jewell even portrayed the Lone Ranger in a broadcast. While there were several performers who portrayed the Lone Ranger in a few early broadcasts, James Jewell hired Michigan native Earle W.

King Features even came out with a comic strip. The serial also created new interest in the radio version and an additional hundred or so stations picked up the show. Republic found itself in a dwindling marketplace and a profit squeeze - i. Trendle didn't like this unmasking, but the contract gave Republic final authority on the script and characterizations.