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Life-Changing Affirmations by Vicky Thompson download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Continue to read the statement out loud until five minutes have passed. The application of positive affirmation has proven to be especially effective in increasing self-esteem and reducing depression levels. Every situation serves my highest good. This, however, does not mean that we are unaffected from it. Everywhere I go, I am accompanied by love.

With this affirmation, the author and meditation guide reminds you not to let fear or expectations hold you back from living authentically. And yes, you still have to do all the work. Compassion and understanding help me to overcome anger.

Positive affirmations can have a detrimental effect on the way we perceive ourselves and how we behave. My work has a profound impact on this world. Even more so, positive affirmations can make the difference between giving up and continuing to pursue your dreams.

Life takes care of all my needs. Every experience in my life helps me to grow. It helps me to meet better decisions and see things more clearly. Another excellent trick to increase the effectiveness of affirmations is to look at yourself in the mirror while speaking. However, there are certain studies that indicate the great power of positive affirmations.

The application of positive

My intuition and wisdom guide me in the right direction. We might subconsciously affirm negative beliefs that are unbeneficial. Or to be more specific, the repetition trains your subconscious mind to believe that whatever is intended is possible to achieve. In most cases, we are entirely unaware of this process.

Continue to read the statement out