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Life Beyond Your Eating Disorder by Johanna Kandel download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Nothing is written in stone, so give yourself permission to explore and try something new. One of the biggest fears I had when approaching recovery was not knowing who I was or what I liked. Life, like recovery, is a journey and you may find that what you like today may not be what like you two weeks or two months from now. No one was expecting me to write an epic-autobiography about all of my likes and dislikes the moment I began the recovery process. She emphasizes that recovery is a process, but totally possible.

My therapist assured me that no one was expecting me to know all the answers to the all important questions right away. In your book you talk about not knowing who you were during the height of your illness and that you felt like you had become your eating disorder.

Published By Kate Clemmer. Turns out, it absolutely was and can be for anyone that is struggling too.

One of the biggest fears

People can and do recover.

Nothing is written in

My biggest wish is that people take away the message that there truly is life beyond eating disorders. It was refreshing and enlightening to hear someone as confident and strong as yourself to reassure that people can overcome this obstacle. Filling my tool box with as many tools as I could was integral to my recovery.

There is help, there is hope, and there is healing. The biggest surprise that I encountered was that I actually started having a good time exploring all the things I gave myself permission to try. There's also a lot in this book that would be helpful for family members and friends of recovering eating disorder patients. Success to Johanna means helping even one person avoid traveling down the same road she did and continuing to use her voice in the fight against eating disorders.