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He tells her he has realized that Peter and Alison chose them to be Sophie's guardians because, together, they are a family. One night, Holly leaves Sophie with Messer while she covers an important catering job - the same night that he is given the opportunity to direct a big basketball game. They tolerate each other, but still tease and banter.

When they get home, Messer and Holly argue, but later they make up. The show was broadcast in prime-time and was popular. Shortly after Sophie's first birthday, Peter and Alison are killed in a car crash. Messer tells her he loves her, but leaves the dinner, planning to return to Phoenix. Messer offers to invest in her company, and eventually Holly agrees.

Messer makes a big mistake at the end of the game and thinks his chances of being promoted are gone. Living together proves to be a struggle. Holly consistently accuses Messer of deserting her and Sophie, while Messer points out how quickly she replaced him. Once alone with Holly, Sam says that if he and his ex-wife had fought in the way that Messer and Holly did, they would still be together.

The caseworker comes for the last appointment to determine whether Holly and Messer are fit parents for Sophie. Sam and Holly go to the hospital, and Messer sees Holly kiss Sam.

Anything in betweenThis channel is

This channel is broadcast via satellite to sub-Saharan Africa. Anything in between would be bad for Sophie. Messer and Holly argue, because Sam mentions Holly is planning to sell the house soon, since it is too expensive to keep up. She returns to the house disappointed. Holly realizes that she can't take care of Sophie without Messer, and that she loves him.

Holly and Messer must put their differences aside and move into Sophie's home to care for her. Holly is upset when she finds out and tells him to take the job, accusing him of looking for a way out of raising Sophie.