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Three of the former sections occur in Mexico and share many structural features while the majority of species, occur in Brazil. Half to a quarter concentration during the rest period see above. Overall, Laelia orchids benefit from a resting period during the winter after they have finished blooming. In late summer, it is time to switch to a fertilizer high in phosphate and continue to use it through fall.

Ideally use a coarse and open medium that allows the orchid roots to dry quickly after each watering. The type species is Laelia speciosa, a Mexican species with compact plants and very showy large flowers. One of the easiest Laelia to grow is the L. Laeliinae Laelia was formerly a large genus that included species in Mexico and Brazil.

It should be noted that there is currently great debate regarding which species should actually be included in this genus. Laelias are found only in Mexico and parts of South America and have been cultivated in their home countries since prehistoric times. So, its a good idea to do regional research on your Laelia to discover its exact temperature requirements. Mexican species like Laelia anceps are frequently grown on slabs. If your Laelia species originates from high elevations, it will appreciate and thrive in fairly cool conditions, combined with dry air and plenty of sunshine.

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Color forms number the hundreds. Fertilizer The Laelia orchid should be given a high-nitrogen fertilizer from spring to midsummer. Picking a well draining potting medium is therefore an essential part of good Laelia orchid care. Potting Laelia adapt well to pot culture, or they can be grown mounted on slabs of tree fern bark. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions.