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An important lesson learned. Protecting your personal sanctuary locations. But knowing what's coming over the horizon is only first step. Army prototype remote viewing training program.

People that do not

This event includes an array of training, topics and discussions, including how to find Killshot sanctuary location. We have no affiliation or promotional motivations in any way with the person or information contained within or related to the video. Major Dames retired from the U.

This is one the most frequently asked questions regarding the Killshot tour. Includes the exclusive Killshot safe zones booklet and documentary to bring you up to speed on everything Dames and his team have uncovered about this solar disaster.

With the correct information, many lives can be saved, but only if it makes to those that take this seriously about the Killshot warning. He served as both training and operations officer for the U.

Dames, United States Army ret. The truth is beyond frightening.

Learning how to prepare and protect

People that do not take the Killshot seriously could become a danger to you and your family down the road. Learning how to prepare and protect yourself and loved ones comes next. Locations in the southern hemisphere will have few survival zones, he said.