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Pulau Ubin, Singapore Of course everybody has heard of Singapore. From your two wheeled perch it's still possible to ride alone through a dense canopy of green, the only semblance of a traffic jam being a family of wild pigs occupying the narrow, muddy trail.

Whatever you call it, I haven't met many people who are not in love with Southeast Asia. One of the world's pre-eminent dive destinations, Mabul is a lazy coconut patch frequently overshadowed by its two more recognizable island neighbors, both for somewhat dubious reasons. Nearly all visitors to this island in Indonesia's Riau Islands arrive via a ferry from jam-packed Singapore.

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It's the most densely populated island on planet Earth and one of the most important cities in the world. With tens of thousands of islands in the Southeast Asian region, there is no end to the exploration opportunities constantly rising from the nearest horizon. Here's a list of seven Southeast Asian islands you've probably never heard of.

Photos courtesy of Heather Ellison. With its own ferry terminal, immigration center, shuttle bus, and luxurious accommodations it is stunningly fit for royalty. The area has warm weather, cheap beer, and whether you know it or not, there is a hammock beneath a coconut palm just waiting for you to take a nap in it. Boracay, Philippines Ok, I might have lied on this one. One of these is Pulau Ubin, a tiny, jungle-covered island in the northeast corner of the country.

Or, if you've already enjoyed a number of journeys throughout the area, you already know that tropical tranquility is never more than a small wooden boat ride away. Mabul, Malaysia Closer to the Philippines than the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, this walk-around-it-in-an-hour sand spit off the coast of Borneo is about as remote as islands can get. Virtually all of them, however, never set foot outside of the compound that is Bintan Resorts. Pulau Bintan, Indonesia Pulau Bintan is essentially an island cleft in two. Meanwhile, nearby Kapalai has actually completely sunken into the sea, its only remnant an ultra-high-end resort elevated above the crystal clear waters.

Even so, some people are unaware that Singapore is even an island in the first place. If you've never traveled to Southeast Asia but have it firmly etched at the top of your bucket list, I implore you to pay a visit sooner than later. If it's possible to completely tap out in a place that has hotels, then it's still possible in Boracay. Reachable via a minute wooden boat ride from Changi Village on Singapore Island, Pulau Ubin is most famous for its network of mountain bike trails that explore the island's lush interior.