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Gale mentioned he was in the Marines but wouldn't talk specifics, Walden said. They are unlikely to become psychotic unless they suffer from additional mental illnesses or take powerful drugs. McCrary spent a good part of his career climbing inside the minds of these remorseless killers to find out the method to their madness. We know that various forms of brain damage can contribute to difficulties in being guided by reason. Doctors scanned his brain and found a tumor the size of an egg in the right orbitofrontal cortex, the region that processes decisionmaking and other so-called executive functions.

McCrary says some of his crimes seem to be sexually motivated while others were possibly acts of anger or a desire to eliminate witnesses. Maybe research can prevent further tragedies of this type.

Police said Friday they still didn't know Gale's motive, and they may never find out. Morse, professor of both law and psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania. Earlier that day, he also murdered his wife and mother.

Though Kemper asked for the death penalty, he was given life in prison. Some witnesses said Gale yelled accusations that the revered guitarist broke up Pantera, but police had not verified those reports. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The crimes of Tommy Lynn Sells, the convicted murderer of a year-old Texas girl, don't follow a single motive pattern.

Always a peaceable man, he become volatile, combative and, after a lifetime of polite speaking, wildly profane. Dellinger said she used to say hello to Gale but they never had a conversation. For one thing, brain anomalies are only part of the criminal puzzle. Two people employed by the band, Chris Paluska and John Brooks, were in Riverside Hospital on Friday morning with Paluska listed in good condition and Brooks in serious condition.

The victims, murdered in horrendous fashion, are often society's most innocent and vulnerable. Police said Gale was wearing the jersey during the shooting. He say's it's all about control. But these seemingly random acts of violence often follow some deliberate paths into which the innocent have unwittingly wandered. Brey and friend Dave Johnson said Gale's behavior frightened them and they distanced themselves from him several years ago.

Now and then, with the help of science, we may even be able to snuff it out altogether. Toler told him no, and Gale got angry and started yelling, he said. But the better we can understand the brains that are home to such ugliness, the more effectively we can contain it, control it and punish it. But other friends said they never considered Gale capable of violence. Jeramie Brey said gunman Nathan Gale once showed up at a friend's house saying he wanted to share songs he had written.

When he played offensive line for the semi-pro Lima Thunder football team, he psyched himself up before games by piping Pantera into his headphones, coach Mark Green said. Explosions in Boston Other, more recent studies are finding roots of criminality in other parts of the brain. The goal is to see if we can help identify the best therapies to reduce recidivism. The Associated Press contributed to this report. Evil is far too complex and far too woven into our natures for us to think that we can always adjudicate it fairly.

Gale mentioned he was in the