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In the Line of Fire by Jerry Weissman download in ePub, pdf, iPad

He finds a collage of photographs and newspaper articles on famous assassinations, a model-building magazine, and a Time cover with the President's head circled. Horrigan, despite his age, asks to return to the Presidential Protective Detail, where he begins a relationship with fellow agent Lilly Raines.

Frank connects Leary to a bank employee's murder and learns that Leary, who has made a large campaign contribution, is among the guests at a campaign dinner at the hotel. Frank shoots Mendoza's men, identifies himself as an agent, and arrests the counterfeiter. He and Raines find a farewell message from Leary on Frank's answering machine.

At a campaign event in Chicago, Booth pops a decorative balloon. After Leary taunts Frank about the President facing danger in California, the two agents chase him across Washington rooftops, and Leary shoots and kills D'Andrea.

Horrigan who has a coldFrank now a hero retires as

Horrigan, who has a cold, mistakes the pop for a gunshot. Frank, now a hero, retires, as his fame makes it impossible for him to do his job.

The group's leader, Mendoza, tells Frank that he has identified D'Andrea as an undercover agent, and forces him to prove his loyalty by putting a gun to D'Andrea's head and pulling the trigger. Horrigan investigates a complaint from a landlady about an apartment's absent tenant. He sees the President approach Leary and jumps into the path of the assassin's bullet, saving the President's life. Frank and Raines leave the house and visit the Lincoln Memorial.