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Great Habits, Great Readers by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Today, the Common Core further increases the pressure to reach high levels of rigor. Others will not reach those heights without targeted instruction in the classroom.

Text level matters, but not all Lexile level texts are created equally. We will be offering differentiated sessions based on grade levels. Our students, meanwhile, still need us to meet them where they are. Student gives a limited response.

Get them to write about what they read, posing a targeted question to help unlock their comprehension. Choose texts that require students to use the skills they need to learn. Citing text evidence is a crucial skill, one emphasized by the Common Core. But it only works if they really do spend that time reading. The most critical moment in reading instruction is when a student gets something wrong.

Based on the experiences of the highest-achieving early reading teachers, the Great Habits, Great Readers workshop answers this question and many more. Watch a master reading teacher prompt students, and you might wonder how anyone can come up with the right prompts so deftly. Sit back and read to your students, and meaningful enrichment will follow.

Based on the experiences of

Teach good habits and watch reading skills soar. Student uses too much personal experience in his or her response.

Just like adults, students use writing as a valuable tool for gathering their thoughts about a text and communicating their ideas to others. Student does not answer original question. The Great Habits, Great Readers workshop answers this question and many more.

Watch a master

It gives students the chance to master skills and allows you the opportunity to address miscues in the moment. In a habit-focused classroom, all students get abundant opportunities to practice new skills correctly, so when they sit down to read without our guidance, they can access those tools automatically. Student gives a factual response, and teacher wants to understand why student has made that conclusion. And when they drive the discussion, they learn far more rapidly and are more prepared to make their own way to the right conclusions about a text. But great discussion, like great reading, comes from building the right habits.