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She manages to freeze his

She stopped in the air and turned back. She didn't turn back to find out who did it, simply laid down on the grass and placed her hooves over her head. She was awake for over an hour before the drowsiness finally beat her so the exhausted body and mind could finally rest. She teleported themselves into Twilight's bed and pulled the blanket over their bodies. Joshua and I have one too.

So, she takes Chloe and makes her dress up like Nora and she even gives her one of her bows. She manages to freeze his entire body but the head using her freeze-breath.

When they finished eating, they kept talking about the night sky and how Luna created it while Twilight opened a few bottles of apple cider. His wife was shot in the head.

So she takes Chloe and

Dash landed in front of them. She's about to call the President Kickbutt before Link walks in and wonders what's happening.