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If he fails, he is immediately fatigued. Which characters or races are vulnerable to sunlight syndrome varies from game to game. Each heritage also includes typical personalities and appearances, and likely places of origin of these unique breeds of dhampir. Such dhampirs are unhindered by daylight and lose the light sensitivity racial trait.

Alternatively it might be a drawback

Dhampirs begin play speaking Common. Dayborn A few fortunate dhampirs were born during the day under the blessings of priests, and their blood has weaker ties to their undead bloodline than others of their kind. If a character gains a number of sunlight syndrome points equal to his Constitution modifier, he risks being overwhelmed. Dhampirs are fast and seductive, but their racial bond to the undead impedes their mortal vigor.

This racial trait

This bonus does not stack with Critical Focus. Mundane gear such as a sun sensitivity outfit does not spare a character from needing to attempt this saving throw. This racial trait replaces manipulative.

Dhampirs are Medium creatures and thus have no bonuses or penalties due to their size. The penalties imposed by sunlight syndrome points apply to this saving throw. While eye colour, skin hue, and hair colour resembles that of the mother, they also possess a ghostly pallor which people find unnerving.

This racial trait replaces the spell-like ability racial trait. Alternatively, it might be a drawback that grants a character an additional trait. Dhampirs are humanoids with the dhampir subtype. They can use command and charm person each once per day. Those with high Intelligence scores can choose any language it wants except secret languages, such as Druidic.