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The most important facet of democracy is the participation of the masses in all democratic processes. What is good for one individual can be bad for other people. In many cases, the level of influence by a certain interest group in the country is determined by the financial and economic position of the pressure group or its members.

This way, the government acts as a mediator between interest groups with conflicting issues. These undemocratic practices that are promoted by interest groups are very common in trade unions and pressure groups with commercial and business affiliations.

They enable the general members of the public to have an influence on the decision making processes thus enhancing democracy, but can have negative effects if not well regulated. Moreover, the political parties may not have all the powers to influence the people to participate in essential political practices such as voting. For example, the interest group may represent a minority group in the society but be powerful enough to influence the decision in the country. Hire Writer Proponents of pressure groups in a democratic society have argued that these groups triumph over the deficits that are inherent in any democracy. As interest groups usually have a single track in mind, they would only think about and look at their personal opinions, and not at those of the majority.

Another big argument by critics about

Another big argument by critics about these groups is that their system can really be effective only for economic interest groups, which normally have greater financial resources at their disposal. In conclusion, interest groups play a major role in promoting or undermining democracy in a country. This may limit social and economic development in the society. Too many interest groups have led to demosclerosis, which is the inability of the government to accomplish anything substantial.

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