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Good story that kept me guessing,. Ahmad lost his job, but he was not apprehended or questioned by U. Not heartening are the assurances that this is only stage one of a long war which the U. It was an American investigation so decisions on whether or not to detain someone has to be taken to the American, by the American.

Good story that kept me guessingAhmad lost his job but

The pharmaceutical companies are planning a global takeover of the vitamin-herb industry, and within a few short years, they will have succeeded by pushing competitors out of the field. But van der Sloot said he was only willing to share that information with Aruban officials.

Too many curve balls and with an easy and quick pace this book is quick to consume and also quickly consumes you. Why was the head of Pakistani Intelligence, Lt. The giant oil companies depend upon the military or private armies to aid in the construction and defense of their operations.

Aruba has a history of arresting and releasing this guy already, and he slipped through their hands. And that's what he's been playing with, and toying with all along.

The reason for why everything happened the way it did was so well thought out and there was no way I could have predicted it. General Mahmoud Ahmad, in the U. They are conveniently a target in Afghanistan where we wish to construct bases and control the regions oil and drugs, but Al Qaeda is quietly supported by the U. And we can only execute a warrant that has been issued in the U.