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Cupcakes And Killer Heels by Heidi Rice download in ePub, pdf, iPad

He huffed out an incredulous laugh. Plus her sixth sense was yelling at her that this guy was nowhere near her type. Having some bozo rear-end her was not the best way to prepare for her career-defining moment. Pouting into her rear-view mirror, Ruby Delisantro tuned out the blare of a car horn from behind her and concentrated on applying a quick coat of Rose Blush Everstay lipgloss to calm jittery nerves. The smashed brake light and damaged bumper gave him the perfect excuse to tussle with Ms Reckless again.

And she was remarkably good at it. He chuckled and sent her an equally flippant salute back. Gripping the top of the windscreen, Boy Racer jerked upright and jumped out of his car in one athletic movement. The car suited her, he thought, as it puttered to life.

If you have read any of h I have been a big fan of Heidi's books for a while, I find her writing is always full of quick wit, sparky characters, as well as having a very modern feel. She raised her gaze from her contemplation of his pectoral muscles. He usually preferred the women he dated to be predictable and undemanding.

He huffed out an incredulous laugh

This was most definitely a man. Only to have her gaze snag on the prominent package displayed by the loose-fitting denims.

Ruby rubbed her wrist where the skin sizzled. With its classy curves and bold, in-your-face style.

Callum pursues Ruby and they end up going on a date, and spending the night and following day together. The story begins with Callum, the male character, crashing his car into Ruby's causing a heated exchange between the two and then Ruby to miss out on an important business meeting. She had to see a man about some cupcakes. As the car pulled away, she flicked her hand out the window in a flippant wave. The good news was, Ruby Delisantro loved to flirt.

Plus her sixth sense was yelling