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The test can be administered to anyone, from any nation, speaking any language. Her areas of expertise include music, film and travel. Aftercare Post-test treatment depends on the results of the test and the specifics of the individual patient. Set up a catwalk in a high-traffic area of the fair, and then either provide chairs for the audience or leave plenty of standing room.

At the end, award prizes to the best acts. Talent Show Hold a talent show to display various components of each participating cultural group. Major donors are listed on all printed materials.

Purpose The purpose of a culture-fair test is to eliminate any social or cultural advantages, or disadvantages, that a person may have due to their upbringing. Fashion Show A cultural fashion show is an entertaining way to display the various forms of dress from culture to culture. Putting on a cultural fair can be an entertaining and educational way to display a variety of world cultures in one location. Preparation The only preparation necessary to administer the test is pre-ordered materials and a quiet and secluded location for the duration of the test. They write a report and create a visual representation of their project.

Find out what each group plans to contribute so you can properly display the pieces during the event. The fair attracts thousands of people to the Westcott Business District for a September day filled with great sounds, sights, tastes and more. There are no other precautions. Normal results The results can be compared to the key that comes with the purchase of a culture-fair test. During lunch, students and parents perform on stage by dancing, singing, or playing an instrument native to their country.

At the end award prizes to

The dishes can be as simple or complex as the vendors wish, but remind participants that the foods should be easy to prepare for large crowds on location. The talent show doesn't have to be competitive, but if you want to turn it into a competition, recruit several unbiased judges to score the routines. All results should be compared to the included key.

Due to health regulations, only vendors sell food at the fair. The duration of the test varies for the individual types of tests available, but the time is approximately between minutes per section a test usually has two to four sections. All students and visitors wear nametags that indicate where they were born. Students produce a research project related to something important to their culture or arts interests. Arts and Crafts Fair Highlight the artistic achievements of the cultures represented at the fair with an arts and crafts display area.

Talent Show Hold a

The Westcott Street Cultural Fair welcomes donations from the community. Risks There are no risks associated with the culture-fair test. Donations for the Westcott Fair are welcome at this time. Any further treatment is best prescribed by the doctor. Resources Books Maddox, Taddy.