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Our goal is to make safety as important as productivity in all U. Oversize and overweight trucks, truck driver fatigue, substandard vehicle maintenance, and insufficient regulatory enforcement are all obstacles to safe trucking operations. In other words, the dollar could go into free fall from here. This is highly bullish for the euro.

If the resistance is

Unless this changes, the U. If the resistance is broken, it means the bulls have won the battle.

Congress, regulatory bodies, and trucking interests have a joint responsibility to truck drivers and to the motoring public to make truck safety a top priority. The evidence is everywhere. And that, too, is not good for the dollar. In short, a strong euro means a weak U.

Many volunteers join our organization because they have seen the trauma caused by large truck collisions first hand. Safety can be an integral part of trucking operations, and it is our goal to see that U. Two things jump off the chart here. This level is a giant air pocket.

This fund tracks the Japanese yen against a basket of currencies. More importantly, it just broke a major support level. The good news is that you can hedge yourself against a weak dollar. Now more than ever, safety concerns must be brought to the attention of the trucking industry and an overall improvement must be made in the safety of trucking operations in the U. And right now, traders see better opportunities outside the States.

These are countries that are on their way to becoming developed nations like the United States. The trucking industry consistently places productivity concerns over issues of safety. And like the euro, a stronger yen makes for a weaker U. Together with the families of truck crash victims, these individuals truly understand the urgency behind our fight to save lives by improving truck safety standards. This suggests that the yen is in the early stages of a new uptrend.

Unless this changes the