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In certain situations, a kill does not have to occur in order to trigger a cleave. First the fiber is scribed perpendicular to its length.

However the specific

This tool requires an experienced operator to produce good cleaves. However, the specific implementations of the cleaving vary and result in cleaves of different qualities. For instance, damage is not always dealt in the order of the attacks in a flurry, and healing can occur in between the attack and the damage.

The fiber is then pulled, which breaks at the scribe. Multifiber cleavers are used for ribbon fiber cables. This most often happens on a target that would be killed by the next attack in the flurry turning the cleave into the killing blow. Then, a force is applied and the fiber gives a nice break at the scribe. If the character kills an opponent, he gets a free attack against any opponent who is within melee weapon range.

This tool requires an experienced operator

The kill must be caused by damage from the weapon itself.

Monks receive this feat at first level. Mechanical cleavers clamp the fiber in the correct position before a diamond wheel or blade scribes the fiber. Characters with many attacks per round e.