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The God who brings victory. For example, Revelation is describing Jesus, the Son of God.

By this name, reveals Himself brining order out of chaos, light out of darkness, habitation of our desolation, and life in His image. God of Deliverance and Salvation.

Thus the artificial name Jehovah came into being. He expresses a love toward all creation and creatures as the work of his hands. God's name and character is His Word, which contains His Law. This relationship is not trivial, and it is not a joke.

Jesus, Himself, is the Righteous One. Jehovah Rophe, the one who alone heals life wounds and sweetens its bitter experiences. At the same time, the Jews were very careful to keep all the commandments, and even to put protections in place to prevent themselves from violating a command accidentally. They say if we don't, He won't hear us. He has made man capable of wrestling secrets from nature, which has advanced the art of healing.

He never worries of pouring His mercies and blessings upon his people. In all His dealings, He is Righteous. He is the God of revelation in the expression of Himself.

Jesus Himself is the Righteous

You don't get pronunciation from reading a book, you get pronunciation from other people telling you, or by hearing the sound of it being pronounced. It reveals the method and measure of our acceptance before God. Since there was no such word in the Hebrew language, the reader would be forced to stop and think about what he was reading, and thus would avoid accidentally speaking the Sacred Name aloud. Whole, finished, perfected Peace that comes from being in a right relationship to God.

Jehovah Rophe the one