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Hans, the father of Ulrich, was prominent in city affairs in St. By the tenth century, a settlement had grown up around the abbey. Following the Act of Mediation the city of St. For example, the entire foundation of the train station and its plaza are based on hundreds of piles.

Gallen braced itself for a fight to the finish. However, other political ramifications resulted from the court action, because the Confederation gained ownership of the city of St. Initially, he protested to the abbot and the representatives of the four sponsoring Confederate cantons Zurich, Lucerne, Schwyz, and Glarus against the construction of the new abbey in Rorschach. From that time on, he served in several leadership positions and was considered the city's intellectual and political leader. His life was in great danger, and he was forced to escape from the city disguised as a messenger.

He motivated the clerics

Gallen became the capital of the Protestant Canton of St. Gallen proper progressively freed itself from the rule of the abbot. The town converted to the new religion while the abbey remained Roman Catholic. However, in the late s, he became involved in a conflict that was to have serious negative consequences for him and for the city.

He wanted to restrain the increase of the abbey's power and at the same time increase the power of the town that had been restricted in its development. He motivated the clerics from Wil to Rorschach to abandon their loyalty to the abbey and spoke against the abbey at a meeting of the townspeople at Waldkirch, where the popular league was formed. He made his way to Lindau and to Innsbruck and the court of King Maximilian. One of the first acts of the new canton was to suppress the abbey.

Not all the books were returned. Ulrich then appealed to the imperial court as did Schwendiner, who had fled with him for the return of his property. One fifth of the population of the eastern part of Switzerland was involved with the textile industry.

He demonstrated fine qualities as field commander of the St. Gallen at the various parliaments of the Confederation. Abbey of St Gall The city of St. Gallen was to constitute an important territorial state and a major regional power in northern Switzerland.

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